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Google Free Booking Link – How to get benefit from it?

A key benefit of Google free booking links is they allow you to send users directly to a page of your choosing. So what is it? what benefits hotel take from this kind of booking? Read our post to find the answer!

Huy Nguyen

November 5, 2023

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What is Google’s free booking link?

Free booking links on Google appear when users search for hotel prices and availability and click on a specific hotel for more information. These links offer the advantage of directing users to a designated webpage of your choice. When travelers search for a hotel on Google and click “check availability,” they are presented with a page displaying various booking options for the chosen hotel.

So does it look like, simply check one of Heads on Pillows’s client that have free booking links:

google free booking links

Google free booking link vs. Google Ads

google free booking link

To distinguish these two concepts, you just need to remember 2 things:

  1. A hotel ad is a paid link, where the list is ranked according to Google’s ad auction and algorithm.
  2. A free booking link is unpaid link that are ranked according to how useful they are to users

How to get the Google free booking link?

Hotels automatically qualify for displaying free booking links if they meet these criteria:

  • They are already a Hotel Center partner.
  • They are actively participating in Hotel Ads.
  • Their property has a bid, available rates, and a dedicated landing page within their current hotel campaigns.

If you are a hotel or a hotel partner and haven’t established a Hotel Center account yet, that should be your initial step. Various guides are available based on your specific role, whether you are a hotel owner, a connectivity partner, or an agency.

The Hotel Center serves as the central hub for managing your property’s online presence, with essential details and management information verified through a Google Business Profile. Once these details are established, you can choose to configure free booking links and/or initiate hotel advertising. If your hotel employs a reservation system, it may be integrated with Google through your service provider, and it’s advisable to consult with them to set up your free booking links.

Benefits of Participating in Free Booking Links

Integrating an online booking engine into Google’s Hotel Search can offer numerous advantages for hotels, such as:

  • Real-time and immediate updates on room availability and pricing.
  • Increased opportunities for direct room bookings, leading to revenue growth.
  • Cost savings on commission fees typically paid to online travel agencies (OTAs).
  • The chance to convert potential customers by reaching them when they are actively searching for hotel information.
  • Ownership of detailed and accurate customer contact information.

In summary, integrating a hotel’s booking engine into Google’s Hotel Search not only boosts business profits but also enhances the hotel’s visibility and recognition on Google, all at no cost.

For more information, try this video from Google:


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