Heads on Pillows Travel Series: Historic Maldon

Historic Maldon
Historic Maldon

Nestled amongst the goldfields and full of history, Maldon is truly one of Victoria’s best kept secrets. This picturesque town is bristling with stunning scenery, warm and welcoming locals and exciting adventures to be had!

With plenty of absolutely stunning accommodation (check out maldongetaways.com.au), Maldon has a sense of peace and tranquillity that seems to have been lost in the modern world. We can bet after a day here you won’t ever want to leave! From the historic steam train and old world architecture to the bustling market and boutique stores, Maldon truly feels like a capsule in time. There’s a lot to cover about this beautiful town, so this week we’ll focus on one of our favourite things, shopping!

No trip to Maldon would be complete without a day perusing the shops along Maldon’s grand old Main Street. With a stunning selection of shops for all tastes, you’ll find everything from vintage bargains to high-end luxuries. Stop by The Woolstash for all things quality wool, or treat yourself at the Maldon Lolly Shop. After quenching your sweet tooth, the myriad of specialty shops to choose from will easily fill a whole afternoon – The Village Patch for lovers of quilting, Salon boasts handmade ladies accessories, Enfilad Plus provide vintage French lace and linen, and Vanilla Spice will meet all your Christmas desires – just to name a few. 

View from the Cultural Tour up Mount Tarrengower
View from the Cultural Tour up Mount Tarrengower

After a day of shopping has worn you out, stroll to of Maldon’s regionally renowned restaurants and cafes to unwind over a hearty meal and locally sourced wine. The Kangaroo Hotel, Gold Exchange Cafe and Le Sel Bistro are all guaranteed to delight. Whatever your preference, we guarantee that a trip to Maldon won’t leave you empty handed or hungry!

Up for a gin tasting? Or maybe you’re desperate for some relaxation from the city life? Experience Maldon have a long list of adventures, immersive activities (we’d recommend the Cultural Tour up Mount Tarrengower with a local elder), scenic walks and other local attractions.

If you’re looking for a place to stay or more advice on what Maldon has to offer, get in touch with us or our friends at Maldon Escapes for more info. Maldon Getaways have no less than 15 uniquely Maldon homes – historic, inviting and perfect for your next rural escape. 

Maldon is just 1 hour and 40 minutes from Melbourne, 17 minutes to Castlemaine and 35 minutes to Daylesford.

Fairbank House - Maldon Getaways.
Fairbank House – Maldon Getaways.

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