Search Engine Optimization for Hotels & Accommodation Providers

The dream of every hotelier or holiday rentals business is to meet the needs of their guests. This takes more than just updating content on your website or promoting your business on social media. You need a well-thought-out strategy that cuts across the major components of digital marketing. That is, content, social, SEO, and analytics.

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What we do

1. SEO Audit

An SEO Audit will streamline your marketing best practices to ensure optimum results. Here, we would love to put your online marketing strategies to the test. That is before we work together to align your SEO and digital marketing strategy to your business’s goals.

2. Content

In the modern search engine optimization world, the context of your content is key to success. Gone are the days when sketchy, keyword-stuffed content would rank on the first page of Google. Times are changing, and so is content strategy.

3. Backlink

High-quality backlinks pointing to your hotel business boost your site's domain authority. Not to mention that prospects will have a way to access your site, hence boosting traffic and ultimately conversions. We understand the importance of sourcing genuine backlinks from relevant authority websites. So we won't cut corners, and we recommend that you don't as well.

4. Citation

Local citation is one of the local SEO ranking factors. This makes it an essential tool for hotel and accommodation businesses. Your target will be to have your business' name, address, and phone number listed on as many business directories and authority websites as possible. That way, your site will rank on the search engines.

What we do - SEO Campaign

Why choose us

Why choose us - SEO Campaign

We Listen

At Head On Pillows, we don’t assume to know all your marketing problems. We are ready to sit, listen, and take questions. This allows us to customize our digital marketing services to suit your hotel and accommodation business.

We Understand the Market

The hotel, tourism and accommodation markets are our speciality. We know the figures, and we’ve mastered the techniques, but we’re still learning and challenging our skills to offer the best services to our clients. When you choose us, you are not just choosing to work with experts, but with people who deeply care and want the best for your business.

We Don't Take Shortcuts.

Digital marketing is one big puzzle that can’t be solved by taking shortcuts. Your hotel or holiday rental business needs a comprehensive and sustainable strategy. It should also be agile enough to withstand the changing market dynamics. Your website SEO, for instance, calls for a steady but sure solution, not a quick fix.

We are Proactive

When you work with us, you are exposed to highly motivated and high-energy professionals who are always ready to make that first move. Whether there’s a new customer acquisition tool we would recommend or a trendy marketing tactic we need to experiment with, we will call you before you call us. That’s the spirit!

Our Packages

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Search engine optimization is the bread and butter of digital marketing. Regardless of the business niche, improving your online presence is key. It all narrows down to your site’s visibility on the search engines. Our holistic approach to SEO allows us to improve every aspect of the website while still delivering long-term value to your business and clients.

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Local SEO

Hotels and accommodation providers rely mainly on local SEO to rank higher on the search engines. To help your business stay ahead of the competition, we’ll begin by optimizing the critical aspects of local SEO. These are Google My Business profile, NAP citations and online reviews management.


Our Clients

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Case Study

We are proud when our efforts yield results that meet and even exceed the clients’ expectations. Our goal is to make an impact on every project we undertake. We strive to simplify the everyday digital marketing responsibilities using smart, practical and customized solutions.

One of our clients, Castlemaine Boutique Accommodation, boosted their organic traffic by nearly 600% in a year. Thanks to the relentless efforts from the company staff and our in-house digital marketers.

Castlemaine Boutique Accommodation was facing a couple of marketing challenges pre-pandemic. One major issue was a low Google ranking that prevented the company from getting more direct bookings. At the time, the company was only getting 10% of the bookings from direct clients and the other 90% from online travel agencies.

We were set to change this narrative, and we were determined to succeed. After conducting a comprehensive SEO audit, we embarked on a journey that saw the business’ online visibility improve by a considerable margin.

Our focus was mainly on optimizing site speed, mobile-friendliness, linking, and overall user experience. This had the impact of boosting organic traffic, and as a result, the rate of direct bookings shot to an all-time high of 64%.

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Case Study - SEO Campaign


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    What is Head On Pillows?

    Heads On Pillows is a specialty digital marketing company offering high-end and customized online marketing services to hotel and accommodation businesses. Our goal is to help your hotel business rank higher on Google so you can reach more audiences and increase direct bookings.

    Which Markets Do Head On Pillows Serve?

    We are in the hotel and accommodation business, and we work with both local and international hospitality services providers. Our comprehensive, true and tested approach to marketing aims to boost businesses' online presence, search visibility and conversion rates.

    Do Head On Pillows Offer SEO Services?

    Search engine optimization is one of the critical services in our offer package. Our SEO services span on-page, off-page, technical and advanced SEO aspects that will boost user experience and site ranking.

    What is Hotel SEO?

    Hotel SEO is the practice of optimizing hotel and accommodation providers' websites to boost online visibility, organic traffic and direct bookings. It comprises all the basics of SEO plus a keen focus on local SEO and online reputation management.

    How Can I Improve My Hotel SEO?

    To improve your hotel SEO, you'll need to optimize every aspect of your website for your target audience. That is, from keyword optimization, quality backlinks, great content strategy to the technicalities of local SEO and Map Pack ranking.

    What is Local SEO?

    This search engine optimization strategy helps businesses such as hotels and holiday rentals become more visible on local search engine results pages (SERPs). A great local SEO strategy is nested inside a comprehensive SEO campaign.

    Is Local SEO Important for Accommodation Businesses?

    Any business with a physical location or that serves a given geographic area needs local SEO. Hotel and accommodation businesses are location-dependent. And they need to appear on SERPs to stay competitive.

    What is Google My Business?

    Google My Business (GMB) is an online management tool used by businesses and organizations. Your business GMB profile is the control panel that manages a part of your digital real estate across Google, Maps, and Search. 

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