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We create unique brands, logos and supporting content so your business can thrive.

Enjoy a completely custom design of your logo which shares your story, along with supporting colours, fonts, in-situ examples and detailed guidelines that any designer can follow.

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Thoughtful and brilliant branding that will grow your business.

Uniquely Yours

Our brands are designed from-scratch. Our talented team of designers create something that is true to your business.

Universal and Dynamic

Our logos and brand guidelines are designed to be used across multiple channels and delight in digital or print.

Detailed Guidelines

Our brand guidelines leave no room for guess-work. Any designer can follow them and know how to apply your branding.


We leverage fonts, colours and logos that are supported by all digital platforms and meet Google and search engine ranking requirements through fast-loading times.

Feedback and Milestones

We check-in regularly throughout the design process and ensure you are fully satisfied with your branding.


Heads On Pillows’ design team have worked across some of the most dynamic and forward-thinking design projects and keep up with the latest trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

A friendly member of the Heads On Pillows team is always on hand to answer any further queries you might have about our website design and development services services.

1. How do you choose our brand’s style?

To start, we love to hear from you about what your business represents, then we’ll formulate a few concepts for you to discover. Still figuring it out? We can take you on a journey to work out your brand’s identity. From here, we choose colours, fonts and styling that tells a story and compels your target market to explore your business.

2. What if I already have a logo and colours but just want a refresh?

We can help with this! Our team can create new iterations of your old designs and refine existing brand guidelines.

3. How long does a brand guideline and logo project take?

Depending on complexity, usually we can complete a brand guideline and logo project in 3-4 weeks.

4. Why do I need to invest in a custom brand?

Your brand is everything and underpins all other digital marketing, it’s important it has substance, is unique and really speaks to your story.

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