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Our clients enjoy ranking page one and often number one for some seriously competitive keywords.

Heads On Pillows’ dedicated team of digital marketers include experienced SEO specialists who have extensive experience working with global OTAs, independent hotels and holiday rental managers around the world. Our expertise lies in Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO and Local SEO.

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Cutting-edge SEO knowledge and dedication to increasing ranking and traffic.

Bookings Focused

All our SEO campaigns revolve around increasing your direct bookings.


Extensive keyword research underpins everything we do to ensure your SEO efforts get results.

Google Partner

We are a certified Google Partner with extensive experience in search engine marketing.

On-Page Content

Our content is meaningful, interesting and favoured by search engines.


Our technical expertise means your website will load quickly and maintain excellent health.


We build white-hat links to your site which increases your backlink profile and boosts your ranking.

We Get Results

Our clients enjoy increases in ranking, traffic, impressions and bookings through our tailored SEO strategies.

Competitive keywords ranking first page on Google and Bing, driving huge increases in qualified traffic.
Average increase in direct traffic within the first six months of optimization.
Average reduction in bounce rate due to quality and meaningful content.
Minimum website health score when measured using industry standard tools.
Average increase in direct bookings

Frequently Asked Questions

A friendly member of the Heads On Pillows team is always on hand to answer any further queries you might have about our SEO services.

1. I’ve heard hotel SEO takes a long time to get results. Is it worth investing?

SEO does take time. Typically we expect meaningful results after about 4-6 month, but usually we get results faster than that. It’s definitely worth the wait as once you rank for competitive keywords, you’ll enjoy organic traffic to your website from guests that are looking to book.

2. Can we really compete with OTAs? They have unlimited budget and can be really aggressive.

ABSOLUTELY! You are well positioned to compete and beat the OTAs. It’s a common misconception that they will win. Think about it, who is a better quality result? A general OTA that specialises in… nothing. Or a beautiful accommodation or experience that is unique to your area and market and has a website all about who they are! With the right SEO understanding, you can beat the OTAs.

3. Do you do Local SEO?

We do a combination of Local, National and Global SEO, depending on your requirements and budget. Local SEO is almost always a critical part of our campaigns.

4. How much does SEO for a hotel or accommodation provider cost?

It varies depending on keywords selected, competition level and goals. Get in touch with us and we can provide a custom quote after a quick discovery session.

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